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Bloomberg Port <go> integration

Check6 is integrated with Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution, PORT <GO>, enabling fast and seamless connectivity of your portfolio data.

Through this digital data delivery, Check6 and Bloomberg enable you to efficiently automate your financial information processing, delivering portfolio related reporting, performance calculations and risk analysis in real-time.


When the connection is made, it will deliver you the following advantages:

The portfolio data is automatically available without having to manually upload it, so you can go straight to your core activities.

Before you do a trade, the most recent data and pricing is available so you can test the impact of a certain trade in advance on (expected) return, risk, and liquidity.

With the full scope of data available, you can create almost any cross-section of the portfolios you prefer with the choice of enabling/disabling look through, adjusting asset classes, adding proxies, and viewing both absolute and relative allocations.


The integration will enable you to use Bloomberg PORT to formulate and test investment ideas before doing a trade, analyze your positions on a standalone basis or relative to a benchmark, and explain the drivers of historical performance and potential sources of risk.

The combination of the aggregated, normalized, and reconciled data provided by Check6 with the possibility to seamlessly integrate it in Bloomberg PORT is an opportunity anyone in the wealth management or investment industry should take.

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