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Compliance Reporting & Monitoring

adhere to investment objectives

Many family offices and private banks have a specific focus when managing and monitoring portfolios. In addition to the consolidated investment reports, Check6 is able to cater for specialised reports on specific compliance factors in scope.

These are examples of Check6 compliance and monitoring reports:

(a) Transaction monitoring

Transactions executed are checked against independent market prices combined with the agreed fee schedule.

Incorrect trade execution is detected and reported.

Check on tax withheld on distributions; based on specific tax circumstance of a client. The expected withholding is set against the actual withholding and incorrect execution is reported.

(b) Cash Monitoring

If specific requirements on cash holdings exist, a report can be generated showing the current cash positions against the desired cash positions.

Debit cash positions are reported pro-actively to avoid unnecessary costs. Also, we can create a cash-only position report for compliance purposes in combination with a payment overview in order to detect potential inconsistencies.

(c) Investment Policy Statement Monitoring

An investment policy statement (IPS) can contain specific exclusions on exposures, return objectives, risk metrics, liquidity requirements (both on liquidity of portfolio and cashflow needs). In order to keep track of the specific requirements against actual portfolio positioning, Check6 can cater for compliance reports to the items described in the IPS.

In practice, we see these reports often used by the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) where the CIO gives accountability in an automated way to the CFO on the portfolio positioning compared to bandwidths given in order to avoid a violation from the IPS.

The examples above are just indicating the possibilities on compliance and monitoring reports. If you have a specific situation you want to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@check6wealth.com

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