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Data Feeds & TRANSLATIOn

Set UP Secure Data Feeds and Data Enrichment

Check6 is able to cater to clients through our already-established connections with banks and custodians.

By way of this, we are able at any stage to either access, transfer, process, store and enrich data. Moreover, Check6 works to display data in investment overviews to improve operations. However, we are also able to fulfil part of the chain. 

In case you already have a property management reporting  system in place, but still are inserting the data (semi-) manually, we are able to provide solutions to solve this through an automatic data flow into your existing reporting system.

In case you wish to have the data feed and the enriched data in your own reporting system, we can deliver both.

For situations where delivering data to external parties is needed, we can help. For various prestigious private banks we have built data feeds enabling them to deliver data in a secure, scalable and structured manner to fulfil the requirement of the third party.



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