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Private Banks play a specific role in the financial sector. Managing portfolios, assets and mandates of high net worth individuals, families and trusts is a specialist trade with its own unique set of reporting requirements. Check6 provides a new level of service and security in reporting.

Check6 helps private banks unlock the vast potential of reporting services for their clients while simultaneously creating a more efficient internal organization using the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence and data science.


  • Data exchange with clients

    Exchange and transfer data with your clients in a secure and efficient manner. Check6 assists in developing state-of-the-art internal processes for data exchange.

  • Single bank & Multi-Custodian reporting
    • Fully-automated reporting, compliant with all relevant regulatory frameworks
    • Add unlimited number of custodians (banks), mandates and assets to your report
    • Available on multiple report platforms (pdf, online) 
    • A 24/7 Client portal access for a real-time and high-level overview 
    • A 24/7 Business Intelligence tool access for detailed look-through and analysis
    • Customised to client wishes
    Banks have a lot of data and it’s becoming crucial for their operations and strategy to be forward-thinking.
    Much of that data is stored and managed in antiquated IT architecture and systems and the potential value of that data is lost or not utilised. Through collaboration with Check6, banks can improve their own data feeds, data management and data transfer system.
    For example, we are currently working with a bank to set up a data feed. Since we are completing quality checks on the data that comes in, we can detect any errors in their system and notify them. Once the feed is up and running, we will also quickly notice if anything goes wrong on the bank's side, and let them know.  
  • Our flexible solutions improve report delivery to your clients using an easy and cost-efficient method. Check6 can function as a white label platform in a dedicated environment.

    Improving the internal organization

    By offering a ready-to-use set of reports, comparisons and analyses on your client portfolio data, Check6 empowers you to serve your clients in new and previously unimagined ways. 

    Using the latest Artificial Intelligence and data science technologies, we provide your organisation with a complete new way to assist, advise and service your most valuable clients. 

    For more information about Check6 Banking Services, please contact us at +44 20 80172218 or via email: bankingservices@check6wealth.com

    Sebastian Verkuilen

    Banks see themselves at a crossroads: building further on the commoditised business model, Or to take real, transformational steps that the market is asking for. We help banks to achieve the latter whilst protecting the current business.

    Sebastian Verkuilen
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    connected to the Check6 Platform