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Single family offices

Check6 was founded in 2013 by the owners of a Single Family Office. Therefore, not only do we understand the importance of correct and timely consolidated data, but we also recognise the more intricate requirements of our clients. We are cognisant of how significant their privacy and security is.

Sebastian Verkuilen

The decision to organize our assets with our own family office was a lengthy and intensive process for us. Setting up an appropriate and future-proof governance and information system with the Check6 platform felt like a confirmation of the important decision we had taken.

Sebastian Verkuilen, Founder & CEO

We understand what family offices need because Check6 has roots as a family office. Our aim is to provide comfort and peace of mind to our clients. We do this by offering financial transparency and insight, so that investment decisions are made easier, risks are reduced and there are lower costs overall. Check6 keeps clients needs in mind.

There is a structural discrepancy between real and perceived investments within many investment funds. This is a typical blind spot on the global research map. The Check6 platform offers you a look beyond the top-line description of investment funds and ensures your real investment needs are being addressed while perceived risks are documented and avoided.

The benefits for Single Family Offices:

  • Regain your control

    Offer a clear, up-to-date overview of all your assets at any given time. Transparent investment fund look-through reporting with 97% global market coverage.


    Combine liquid investment portfolios with any other asset class and customize your individual and consolidated asset reporting.


    Plan and organize your family's financial planning with detailed overviews of all costs, fees and taxes involved.

    • Avoid paying for superfluous investments
    • Avoid paying double fees 
    • Avoid paying for nonperforming over-diversification

    Break down your performance by: market timing; asset allocation; currency exposure; sector or geographical allocation; and bond duration.


    Discover your real returns, fees, charges, taxes and commissions. Get actual and detailed insight into your realized and unrealized results, P/E, price/book value, yield, ISIN, market capitalization, total debt-to-equity ratio, monthly trading activity per manager and more.


    Better information means better decision-making. Understand today's complexity and treat yourself to the luxury of real insight. This alone reduces investment and market risk.

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