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Check6 assists Wealth Advisors in dealing with stringent reporting and compliancy requirements within their regulatory frameworks, while simultaneously providing a full overview of their clients positions. Thus improving the managers advisory and strategic role.

As an independent platform for data gathering, enrichment and analysis, Check6 offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your clients' portfolios or investments, including all direct investments, fund investments, cash positions, and alternative investments. Check6 also offers Wealth Managers a number of analysis and management tools:

Multi-custodian reporting 

  • Fully-automated reporting, compliant with all relevant regulatory frameworks
  • Add unlimited number of custodians (banks), mandates and assets to your report
  • Available on multiple report platforms (pdf, online) 
  • A 24/7 Client portal access for a real-time and high-level overview 
  • A 24/7 Business Intelligence tool access for detailed look-through and analysis
  • Customised to client wishes

Check 6 assists a wide range of Wealth Managers, Asset managers and Trusts by providing comprehensive periodic overviews for their clients. These overviews can vary according to applicable regulatory requirements, compliance demands and clients' requirements.

As a wealth advisor, it is crucial to have correct, actual and consolidated portfolio information on all possible assets; and not to waste necessary time processing and analysing outdated data. Check6's platform and reporting system enables us to monitor and advise on the basis of the most up-to-date portfolio and intelligent institutional enrichment methods, in line with the customer's objectives, without delay.

Hella de Jong, Communications & Sales Manager
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