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Upgrade your financial reporting to 21st century standards. Check6 gives you full control over all your financial and non-financial data. You determine who has access to what and when. Our secured systems guarantee a complete and detailed overview of all your assets, including compliance reports and security administration.

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You determine the format and frequency of Check6 reporting. Access your reports securely online via the Check6 client portal. You can download your reports as a pdf. or view them online - anytime you would like to, any where. Your data is completely anonymised and fully encrypted, so no additional persons can see your data. We guarantee that all your data is accurate and secure. By simplifying data aggregation and consolidation for your business at a much lower cost, our transparent and real-time data lets you focus on what matters most: analysing your data to make strategic decisions. 

Learn more about your assets, holdings and investments. Make use of the Business Intelligence tool via your portal, there, you can filter the information to offer exactly what you would like to see. For example, you can filter to see all your fixed income investments in dollars that you have in Canada. Enjoy total control over all your financial data.

Check6 Business Intelligence Tool

As the world becomes ever more complex and regulated, we offer you a tool that gives you control. Moreover, we offer you much needed transparency. For example, you can easily compare custodian fees. 

Cross reference compliance with your investment policy. Compare custodian fees. Analyze with the world's most prestigious data providers.



Check6's data feeds are synced to almost all major banks. Our API saves you the hassle of Excel-based data aggregation and links automatically to your custodian(s) while adhering to all privacy requirements. Data consolidation has never been this convenient. 

Check6 collects data in several ways, tailored to your bank(s) preferred system, be it SFTP, API and/or Swift. We establish these links in close cooperation with your bank so that they meet all legal and compliance regulations. 

If your bank is not linked to our API, please contact our Support Team and we will secure a connection for you and/or your custodian(s). 

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