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Our API delivers a permanent data feed for all your financial holdings and transactions. This allows us to deliver a highly accurate and real-time overview of all your asset classes when, where and how you want it.


Check6 can be accessed securely and conveniently via the client portal. Whereas some clients prefer a monthly PDF report which they can download, some may prefer instant updates from our integrated Business Intelligence Tool for interactive and real-time risk analysis. With our secure and reliable API, we can tailor to all of these requirements. 


Check6 requires no special software or system integration. Once on-boarded, new clients' financial data is stored and managed on our independent and anonymized platform. Each client can tailor the level of access and breadth of services needed to his or her specific needs. Using our client portal, you can easily change, update or upgrade access and services in a completely secure and private environment.

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Check6 clients can tailor reports to their specific needs and wishes. Ask our Sales Support Team to walk you through the possibilities or share a demo page.

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