Enjoy a total overview of your wealth

By including all your non-listed private assets, you can combine this data with all your investment accounts and bankable financial data to have a complete 360-degree overview. 

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Check6 private asset solutions for wealth management

A Glance at the Benefits:

Include your non-listed assets in your consolidated investment reports:
A 360-degree overview of your wealth

By adding your private assets details, associated values and costs, you can have a clearer picture of what the total wealth is. These private assets can fall into any of the 10 categories.

  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Direct Investments
  • Cash
  • Mortgages
  • Loan/ Debt
  • Art
  • Cars
  • Yachts
  • Airplanes 
Select your asset's category

A Comprehensive way to Add, update and keep track of your Private Assets

An easy workflow allows you to create insights into your private assets.

One access point, one environment

Efficiently update all your (or a client's) private assets at any time. You or a colleague can save and continue entering information over time.

Secure Set Up & Storage

Store all your private assets data securely in your virtual private vault. So no more use of excel sheets saved on your laptop or desktop.

Why is this so significant for all wealth advisors and High New Worth Individuals?

Here is a contextual example for asset managers:

An important part of creating an investment policy is a strategic asset allocation that fits your clients risk profile, future obligations and long term investment goals. Nowadays non-bankable assets become more and more an important part of this strategic asset allocation. To monitor if your investments are in line with your investment policy, and strategic asset allocation, you need to take the exposures of your non-bankable assets into account and combine these with the exposures of your traditional bankable assets. With this method, your can validate whether or not your exposure to foreign currencies and countries is in line with your policies. 

Another example:

If your total wealth (€100 mln.) contains an Art collection with an estimated value of €50 mln. which is located in a vault in Hong Kong, you would want to take this into account when constructing and monitoring your long term asset allocation plan. Since half of your wealth is invested in non-liquid assets (Art) you might not want other assets be invested in non-liquid assets like Private Equity or Real Estate. Also you might not want to have other assets, or a least a maximum percentage with a country exposure to Hong Kong. To be able to make these decisions you need to have the total overview of your wealth.

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