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the check6 dashboard powered by MS Power bi

The finest reporting tool for your wealth

Dive deeper into your financial analysis with the help of the Power BI environment provided by Check6. The Check6 Dashboard is integrated into the Office 365 environment, but can also be used on its own! This gives you and your team the ability to work together to reach the financial goals. Besides having a refined overview, all the data visualizations are exportable with just one click to for example PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint.

When your data is fully normalized, reconciled, and aggregated, it can be automatically loaded into the Microsoft Power BI environment. The Check6 Power BI Dashboard enables you to broaden and deepen your financial analysis, for example by having insights on asset allocation per currency or commissions per custodians.

When adding your valuable data to the Power BI environment, you will have:

  • More flexibility: you decide when you make financial analysis and how deep or broad they are. 
  • The ability to create reports on cluster, subcluster, custodian, portfolio, and even asset class level.
  • Increased insight on your currency allocation: per country, per custodian, and per asset class.
  • A more refined overview on your risk positioning with realized and unrealized results.
  • A better understanding of your costs: such as commissions per custodian or expenses and management fees.


Financial data visualization

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